i dont have confidence with girls

I have had a few girlfriends but the relationships only lasted a few weeks. I'm only 16 and a sophomore in a small high school but it feels like I should have had a more real relationship by now like most of my friends.

Girls have said I'm good looking, but I don't feel attractive. I work out and have a decent body but I just feel insecure. I'm around 5'4" so I feel short too. Every time I've tried to ask a girl out they usually are just weirded out because I don't really know the right time to say something like that. I'm starting to feel like I should just give up and stay single for a while but I cant stand the thought of being alone.

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do not have confidence with girls
by: Anonymous

You have got all your life ahead of you. There is plenty of time for relationships with the opposite sex. Concentrate on all the activities that you enjoy and through that you will meet all the young women who are also interested in the same things.
You will find the people you connect with the best and who have the right energy for your energy which is important. It may not be the prettiest or most attractive young women but someone you will comfortable with. One day it will happen, just give it time. The boys who seem to enjoy the most success with girls are not necessarily the happiest either, they go the whole gamaut, you do not have to do that.

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