I dont have anything in my life.

by Anonymous
(North America)

I live on the internet. I don't have friends or a pet and I have nothing to make me feel better and sometimes I just start crying. I'm drifting away from people.

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Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I have found I have anxiety disorder and I'm going to get help. If not for this site, I wouldn't have even known the possibility.

The internet can isolate you
by: Anonymous

Get off that internet and go out and be around people!
The internet is a wonderful thing,but it can also make,you spend too much time on your own.
You also sound a bit depressed. If you are depressed,you wont want to be with people anyway.Its a vicious circle, go to the doctors and speak to him.
Talking does wonders,without taking drugs. He may offer you something to lift your mood up to a normal level.
When you are feeling better, like Kay says,offer to do some volantary work, anything where you are around other people.
I have learnt that there is no problem that cant be overcome,whether you get over it,under it,around,it does not matter which way you do it!
Just remember,your life is as important as anyone els's, make 2015 your year to suceed!

No life
by: Kay

Hello, You are living your life at the moment in the way you choose. You can if you want go out and make friends, but only you can make this happen.

I know that sounds easy but of course it's not is it if you are shy or introverted. I can only suggest that you make a huge effort to get out and meet people. There must be various groups you can join that will enable you to meet people, and maybe from this you will make friends.

Join the library, they will know where various groups are meeting. Do you have a citizens advice bureau close to where you live? If so go there have a chat and find out where things are happening and make the effort to join in.

Can you do voluntary work? This will take you out into the company of other people who need assistance. There are many things you can do, but you have to take the initiative. The choice is always yours, and so if you want humans in your life rather than sitting on the computer all day you can.

I say, go for it!

I wish you happiness and a life filled with people!


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