I do not see the point of life

by L Tang

People won't employ me, I hate myself and think I genuinely would be better off in a box in the ground. I wanted to act, but that door has been shut so firmly in my face I wish I had never had bothered.

Essentially, I have no passion. I don't find things interesting enough to want to be involved with them forever.

As for friends....hahahaha. They couldn't care less. I speak to them ocassionly, but they don't help...or they patronise with words like "it will be ok"

Ive been getting worse for years...so its not going to be is it?

Everything is a joke.

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by: Anonymous

I find it fascinating how you assume that this person has never ever been positive or thought positive for extended periods, and that is the only reason anything seems to be wrong. Maybe they were happy for years, then bang, bad stuff and sadness. The reason why they are so negative is because of things that happened to them, rather than just because of the way they naturally are.

The most successful person I know has a deep mistrust of pretty much anyone, has no friends anymore because of it and uses women entirely for sex, having had no serious relationships in his whole life. Yet he has the house, the car and all the material goods he needs. He cant even think positive about his own work.

While I agree with the idea of trying to keep your head up, I also get that it isn't easy for some people because of the kickbacks. I had a friend who used to be full of joy, now after a few setbacks there's just this horrible dark undercurrent to anything he says and does.

The point of life? Maybe its just to exist.

I do not see the point of life
by: Anonymous

You live in Britain, have you thought of applying to do some further study, I have heard of people being advised to do that. Also you have to decide what sort of work you would like to do and make enquiries as to what would be required of you. It is little use going around and applying for work just to get a job, you have to work out what you are capable of as well.
There are also courses on how to present yourself when applying for work and also assistance in how to make up a CV which is important as well.
There are people who will help you get sorted out, you just have to find out who and where they are.
If you have positive friends approach them, if they make you feel a bit better about yourself it is worth it.

Lifes problems
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Life is about attitude. With the right attitude life can be bearable even though perhaps not how you want it to be. With the wrong attitude life is miserable. You can choose the attitude you have, and I challenge you to change yours and become, if not dancing off the ceiling, at least happy with what you have in your life.

Just because the door to an acting career closed firmly in your face doesn't mean that another can't open in some other career or part of your life. Unless you make the effort to change your life you are going to be miserable for ever. Why would you want to be this way?

When you change your attitude and decide to make something of your life you will find that things will improve. You need to love yourself. When you don't love yourself, why should others love you? People don't want to be around someone who is miserable always thinking nothing good ever happens.

Your life sucks because your thoughts suck. Make something of yourself, decide to love life, find something that interests you. Stop the negative attitude and begin to live your life.

Good luck - change those thoughts!


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