I didn't marry them, you did.

My son married a girl whose best friends are bullies and before the wedding they all bullied my daughter. She claimed it wasn't her, however, it was done on her phone. She apologized but NEVER did anything about it so it festered.

They invited my daughter to the bachelorette party, then didn't tell her where it was. They laughed when they called her in the afternoon and told her how much fun they were having... but still didn't tell her where they were. When it came to the dress, they picked out short, cutsie tight dresses totally inappropriate for my daughter who is nicely built but not skinny. Then they told her she should wear a black suit and stand on the man's side. They were very serious too, told her to go to Sacinos. I had had enough, so I pulled her out of the wedding.

That started the entire mess... she never has made an attempt to reconcile or befriend my beautiful daughter. My son now has a child and "expects" the entire family to be together every occasion possible. We didn't marry into this family, my son did. He now "bullies" us and tries to make us feel guilty for not participating when it is truly uncomfortable for us.

He is an amazing young man, totally devoted to his new son, but is now picking up the bully thinking and doesn't "SEE" the light. Have you any advice on how to deal with my son who now is blinded by his "new family" and thinks that we are the problem for not wanting to "be together" as one family.

I have told him that I can't take any drama... and their family is loaded with it. They are also staunch democrats and think Obama is amazing, I on the other hand find them ignorant for not checking "WHO" he was before voting. Lots of issues, but no solutions. I want my son to be a part of my family, however his wife and her friends have driven a huge wedge between my two beautiful children... Please help.

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