I am thinking about the floods and also the victims whose lives are being shattered

In the past few months we have seen much tragedy, an earthquake which has destroyed buildings and infrastructure, a mine disaster where the bodies of the victims have not been able to be recovered and given the funerals that the families would have wanted and now the floods which are devastating parts of Australia.

Death does not just mean the loss of a loved one alone, it may be the loss of property and employment due to disaster, the loss of one's treasured possessions and feeling there is nowhere to go from there.

We are seeing people still waiting to find out if they can ever repair their homes from the earthquake in New Zealand and the frustration they are suffering as well as being woken up by aftershocks. Those with young children have not had much sleep at all.
The families from the New Zealand mine disaster, still cannot move on or plan their futures while they are waiting to hear what is going to happen to the mine and there are contractors being owed money they may not be able to obtain.
As for the floods, a lot of the people who have lost their homes and possessions may have to wait a very long time before they can replace them. It is not only that but the loss of treasured pets, not knowing whether they have survived or if they will ever find them again.
Such tragic circumstances take a long time to recover from and it is likely that people living in disaster areas may decide to move on and make another life somewhere else.
Another type of death is the relationship that breaks up, It is more traumatic than the actual physical death of the person who has left. The other partner is left to grieve depending on how deep the relationship was.
It does not matter who we are or where we are at, all of us at some time in our lives will have to face up to a loss which will for some time devastate our lives.

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