I am not very popular at school and I am not good at socializing and meeting new people

All of the other kids at school are good at socializing but I am very shy and self-conscious about myself and I am not very good at answering questions and being confident in large groups of people.

I have a hard time when my one friends cannot make it to school, and nobody bothers with me because I am hard to have conversation with because I am so shy.

There is more to my story but that is enough for you to probably understand my problem.

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by: Anonymous

Wow, thanks for the great advice. I will try these new things and try to be more positive. Wait I will not try I WILL be more positive. Once again thank you very much.

low self confidence
by: Kay


Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

The first thing I want to let you know is that no one is better than you, and when you come to accept this as true you will start to believe in yourself. Until you choose to believe in yourself you will find it difficult to change.

I would like to bet that many of the kids you refer to as being good at socializing feel insecure about themselves, but they do their best not to show it and talk to others.

A good way to begin socializing, is to start asking questions to the other kids about themselves.

Rather than wait to be spoken to, start conversations to them. Ask what they like, their favorite singer, movie, sport, boy, actor, whatever you can think of! Most people like to speak about themselves, and when you get them to open up you will begin to feel confident and more at ease within yourself.

They will begin to think hey you're not so bad, that you're friendly because you are interested in them and what they do.

Here's an important piece of information for you! You may have read what I have said and told yourself you can't do this because you are shy and have no confidence. I want to put it to you that you have freedom of choice, that you can choose how you want to be, and what you want to do. You can choose, yes I will try to do this, or no, I daren't it's too difficult.

Whatever you do in your life you will have choices, and the choices will always be your own. Even when you do something you don't agree with or don't want to do, you have chosen to do it. No one can choose your thoughts, no one can decide things for you, you are responsible for things that happen as a result of your thoughts.

You can stand back and say I can't do this because I am scared, or you can choose to stare fear in the face and say I am going to change the way I am, I know I can do this, and I will succeed.

Become a positive thinker, start telling yourself everything positive about yourself. Tell yourself how popular you are, how everyone loves you and wants to be with you! This has got to be better than telling yourself you aren't popular, that you are shy don't you think?

When you change the thoughts you have about yourself you will change how you are and your life. I promise. Give it a go!

I wish you a confident and happy future.

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