I am Hopeless

by khloe
(new york)

I am in a job I hate, make barely enough money to survive and am fat. I need a change. I want to run away but I have a lot of responsibilities here. I believe if I had a better "happy" job, things might change and things can snowball and get better. How do I change jobs in this bad economy? How do I find the energy to exercise?

Where do I find something to fill this black hole that wants to swallow me up? I am also dating but nothing seems to be clicking. I am lonely and afraid.I know there are people out there with much worse problems, but problems and depression make things hopeless. Any advice?? Thanks

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I am hopeless
by: Anonymous

It is easy to get trapped into what you feel is a hopeless situation. You feel that you cannot move out of it. You may also be suffering from depression.
Believe you me there are many other people who are where you are. I know how you feel as I have been there too. Things will get better there will be changes in your life, sometimes they appear suddenly. If anything comes up that you see a way out, take it.
You can starting helping yourself by following up
an interest that you may have. It might be something that someone else has put you down over saying that they do not think you are capable of doing it. Just try and get them wrong.
Try something different, read some books, get out and about if the weather is fine. Good luck

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