I am completely lost and need help sorting out my direction

by Sally

I am 35 years old and in need of help but do not know where to turn.

I am having a huge career crisis and have thoughts of doing something amazing but do not believe that I could cope.

I have just finished a degree in education (a one year top up course) because I want to help people and I have done adult teaching before but it is no longer what I want.

My Mum died last year unexpectedly at the age of 61 from brain tumors it was a huge shock. I promised her I would finish my degree which I did and it was a struggle to get through it and I did well.

I did this on the advice of my counsellor who said to do this and then reassess what I wanted to do then. I did much better than expected but after everything that has happened I have reassessed my life and what I want.

I really want to help people and from the age of 18 I have thought about nursing...I have even been accepted onto a nursing degree before but left as I was scared. I wonder if I could cope.

Now I keep on considering training to be a doctor after what happened to my Mum but I wonder if I have left it too late, and if I could handle it emotionally. I am a very sensitive and caring person so would it be too much?

I have something driving me to want to do medicine but at the same time I am scared. I have had depression in the past but have beaten it now but my self-esteem is a bit low due to the amount of jobs/career changes I have thought of.

Now I do not know what I am really capable of.

Please help.

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i can so relate....
by: marie

i have struggled with this for the past twenty yrs... im 40 and pulling my hair out trying to figure this out myself.. im married to a man in the army he is a bit younger then me. lately all he says to me is where do you see youself in 5 yrs! or what are you going to do with your life! this is so difficult when your feeling dependant and very stuck on many levels... I'm glad to read wonderful advice form others thank you for this.. I wish you and I direction asap... all the best Marie...

Shaking and Vipassna meditation helps
by: Anonymous

I hear you very much! I too am lost and directionless, low self esteem because I have done so many things! And don't know what I want to do. I would say you are one step ahead, you feel passionate about something. I have been searching six years for that. I would recommend be still and gentle with your self, make sure its what you want, and also SHAKE!! I STARTED SHAKING BIO ENERGY MEDITATION, and its connecting me deeper to my true self. http://www.ratubagus.com/ good luck.... we only live once, learn to listen to your heart and not your head, stay in the moment, and find peace that hard things happen, its part of life.

Write a new story. You are strong enough emotionally to do this job. The more you recognise the mind and your patterns the more you can move past them without getting so reactive. go for it!!! Also vipassna meditation is amazing. It will ground you and bring balance emotionally. xx

Do what you know to do
by: Kenn

You must do what you already know you wish to do. I found you by asking the same question you did and it brought us together, here, now.

Look in the mirror and you will know what you already know, go forth and be that amazing being that is just busting to get out and make a difference in the world.

I pray that you take your next steps immediately.
Love, Joy and Happiness be ever with you Sally,

feeling lost and unsettled
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I believe there is no age limit to becoming a nurse or doctor and I urge you to start looking into how you can do this.

How can you know whether you can cope when you haven't even tried? Listen to your inner voice that longs to help people, and knows the way to do it! Trust yourself, and at least give it a go.

When you are passionate about something, and truly believe in what you are doing, you will not fail.

Don't look back at the end of your life with regret at not living your dream.

When you believe you can do something, you can. When you believe you can't, then once again you are right, you can't.

Listen to your inner voice and make your dream a reality. You can do it, I know you can.

Go girl!


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