I am attracted to same sex

by farhana

I myself am a girl and I am attracted to a girl who is beautiful .. I have liked her since the first day I saw her.. She is going to get married in a month and this thing is hurting me a lot.. I have tried many times to stay away from her but I failed every time.. and staying away from her is really depressing and suffocating.. Please give a solution soon.

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I am attracted to the same sex
by: Anonymous

You are only young yet with your life before you, there will be many people who will pass through the future. You are attracted to this young woman but she will pass out of your life but when she does other people will come into it. Concentrate on the family and friends you have.

During our lives we are attracted to a lot of people because their energy and ours are compatible. Unfortunately because nothing can come of this, we do suffer some heartache.
When something or someone goes out of your life, something or someone else comes in to take their place.

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