I am a lesbian and i have a very low self confidence

I am a lesbian and I have a very low self confidence. I feel like other people that I don't know don't like me for it. And I experienced being teased at class maybe because they don't like me. Am I paranoid?

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I am a lesbian
by: Anonymous

I do not condemn people who are gay and lesbian because that is the way they have been born. People like you face difficulty because of the way other straight people see you but it is ignorance on their part.
Luckily enough there is more understanding and acceptance. It is the way that you live your life and what you put into it that matters.
You will have good friends who will understand and who will support you at all times.
As for the others just ignore them, they have no idea of what you have to contend each day of your life.
I once worked with a woman who was a lesbian, she was a very mixed up person who had a very hard life, she always felt targeted and unfortunately for her she was very possessive of the relationships that she had entered into. I finally lost my job through her, and it took me a long time to get over this, I think she felt I was spying on her.
Later she committed suicide and I felt sorrow for her, as earlier on she felt she had to hide her condition.

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