i always hesitate to do things.

by margaret
(florida, usa)

Please don't judge me. I always try things, its just that every time I try I always fail, which makes me not try things any more. It's so hard to experience failure especially if your almost there and you didn't make it.

Cope up? Never. Never a day that did not regret things. I always think negative and its not helping me. I start making things worse like me and boyfriend start hurting each other because of me, because of low self - worth.
like now I don't feel liking myself. I always hate being me.
Ever since I wish I was somebody else. I started to feel that way when I was in high school, not a good school by the way (it shows).

I hope to get cured someday. Thanks

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I always hesitate to do things
by: Anonymous

It is surprising the number of people who contact this website feeling bad about themselves, it is an universal problem.
You are having a go at doing things, have you ever stopped and thought about what you are learning through your failures. It is not the things that we are good at, it is what we manage to achieve by striving.
Everyone has abilities and talents, make a list of them and concentrate on those and also try and help someone who finds some procedure hard to do.
I remember hearing once about someone who kept on failing with business ventures, in the end he said that he had finally learned through those failures what not to do in the future.
Talk to a trusted family member or friend who knows you well and take courage from what they may say about you.

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