Husband of 1 yr became disabled 6 months ago. Then my daughter aged 28, with 4 of my grandkids hate me for no reason. The list goes on.

by Brenda

I had to stop working just before Christmas because my husband had a leg amputation. I'm now his 24/7 caregiver. He's had 4 amputations on one leg since January of this year.

Then my daughter from previous marriage decided to move away with my 4 grandkids who I deeply loved.
I think my daughter and her husband are involved with drugs as they are losing tons of weight and had drug items around their home when they moved.
It just seems like my world is falling in on top of me.
I want to work so bad but can't leave knowing he will be in pain when I leave. I'm in the trucking industry. My mom is at home to help care for him while I work but not sure what to do.
Money is very tight in my home and I need the income. My husband finally got approved for disability but could take months to receive anything. What should I do.

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Disabled nusband
by: Anonymous

Hi Brenda, I am sorry to hear of your problems. Unfortunately problems never seem to come In ones do they?

Is your husband on painkillers for his leg? You mention 24/7 caring for him, and he had the operation in January. Is the Pain in his leg still bad? Like Kay mentioned, a wheelchair or even better maybe a prosthetic leg would give him the Independance to get around better. It must be tragic for him to lose his leg, but needs must.

My mother contracted Polio when I was 5 months old, and she had three kids under 5 to look after, she lost the use of one leg and arm, but was determined it would not beat her, and it didnt, Not knowing everything about your husband's circumstances I cant judge your situation, but I do know that mind over matter works every time. It sounds like you deserve a break too, and to get out there and earn some money, I would look into all the things available to you for help, and please dont give up. Nothing stays the same, your situation will change

Problems at home
by: Kay

Thank you for your submmission. Things are tough for you at the moment. Working would certainly make things easier for you with paying bills etc. Is there an organization that will enable you to have home help for your husband? Is there any one with medical knowlege who can help your mum by explaining what needs to be done so that she can tend to his needs so that you can work?

Does your husband have any mobility, by this I mean a wheelchair so that at least he can move within your home. I am uncertain of the extent of his problem, but people do manage to live full lives without limbs. Much is about the attitude of the person with the disability. Do you encourage him to do things for himself, rather than assuming he wont be able to? The more he can do the better he will feel within himself I am sure.

Regarding your daughter, I know you will be missing your grandchildren greatly. Unfortunately we have to allow our children to live their own lives. I am in New Zealand and my daughter and two grandsons live in the UK, so I understand how you are feeling.

I hope things improve once your husband's disability comes through, and I also hope you start work yourself, it will make you feel so much better.

Stay strong

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