How to Meditate And Enhance Your Life

Do you need help with how to meditate?

For the first few times, try to sit for 5 to 10 minutes. As you become more used to it, increase your time and work up to 30 minutes or more if you can.

Find the time of day that suits you best and try to sit at the same time each day.

Once you decide to make meditation a part of your life you will find yourself determined to find time no matter how busy your day!

Are you wondering how to meditate when it seems that you are never home alone?

Why not tell your family what you are going to do and ask them not to disturb you for at least 30 minutes, then firmly close the door and enjoy your time alone!

It's better to meditate for a few minutes each day than not at all. So if your day is a hectic one, try and fit the meditation in, even if only for 10 minutes.

When you meditate it's important to sit comfortably.

If you are comfortable sitting on the floor with your legs crossed then by all means sit this way.

A straight backed chair is also a good idea for meditation. Make sure your clothes aren't too tight.

Place your feet firmly on the floor and have your hands relaxed in your lap.


Take a few deep breaths

............... Relax...............

slowly breathe in through your nose to a count of five


Breathe out through your mouth to a count of five


slowly breathe in through your nose to a count of five


Breathe out through your mouth to a count of five


Focus on breathing in this way until you feel relaxed.

Once you are totally relaxed continue to breathe in the normal way.

Close your eyes if you wish and let your thoughts flow easily. Don't concentrate on them. Eventually you will find your consciousness will take over as you become more relaxed and unaware of your surroundings.

While you meditate you will have fleeting thoughts. Let these flow through your mind without dwelling on them for any length of time.

This is natural, it is not possible to empty the mind completely.

Try not to become upset with yourself because of these thoughts as this will not help your mind to relax.

Your thoughts initially will be with your logical mind, but the more you do meditation the easier it will be for your consciousness to take over and enable you to drift away and become in a meditative state.

meditation, The most difficult thing is trying to calm your busy mind! You may start with good intentions only to find that your mind starts to wander and you are thinking of everything under the sun.

Don't worry! This is perfectly normal! Just bring your mind back to yourself and your meditation. You may find yourself wondering if you are ever going to learn how to meditate.

When you become aware of your surroundings again - back to reality - take a couple of minutes to become more aware of yourself, have a stretch and a yawn if needed and continue on with your day feeling fantastic!

Don't let meditation become a nuisance to you! You need to enjoy it to get the benefits that come from sitting each day.

Once you know how to meditate and do it regularly I am sure you will love it!

If you have time you may want to set your surroundings before you begin your meditation. It is up to you to decide how to meditate. Do whatever feels right for you.

You can light candles, or light an incense stick. Anything that makes you feel good about how you meditate will help you to relax more.

Do you enjoy listening to music? Special meditation music is available to listen to. Any music you enjoy will be fine.

You can wear headphones while listening to the music. This way you can enjoy your meditation without disturbing anyone.

Once you know how to meditate, the challenge is find the time to make it a part of your life.

Whatever way you choose to do your meditation is right for you. Once you have perfected the way that's suits you, I know you will reap the benefits and feel oh so good about yourself!

That's how to meditate.

The more you do it the easier and more rewarding it will get!

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