How to decide if a profession is right for you

by Rupa

I have been thinking on this for a long time now. I want to become a life coach. And I have been wondering, do I have what it takes to become a good life coach? Will I truly be able to help people? It is not only the question of whether I will be able to earn from it, it is the question of what I can really do in this, will it make a real difference.

I started to think on the lines of falling in love. If I am in love with someone, will I like it, if I share something with the person and the other person just says it does not matter? No I won't like it. Similarly I cannot have a don't care attitude towards someone when I am in love with someone. If I don't care then I obviously don't love.

So to do complete justice to my profession as a life coach I need to be involved in it. There may be several things I can do without being truly involved in it. But to become a life coach I truly need to be involved in it.

I am a software profession and there may be many who may not be in love with the work they do but they are successful financially. But I think in becoming a life coach, if it does not mean enough to me then there is no point in success either and success would most probably be elusive.

I hope I make the right decision and move ahead firmly. Somewhere deep within my heart I have a belief that I can be an excellent life coach and will be able to help people greatly.

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Life Coaching Reality
by: Chris

I've been a life coach for about 7 years now, and so many people ask me what it's really like that I wrote an E-Book all about it here:


The right profession
by: Anonymous

It is hard to make a choice when you do not know what you are a capable of, perhaps it is a good idea to work on the fringes of any profession then you can observe what it is all about.

There are part time study courses as well and you can always help in a voluntary way to help people. You will know if you really want to work in this way, you will get a compulsion to want to do this.

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