How Good Friends Help

This article is a true story about how I improved my self with a friends advice.

There was a time when I was overwhelmed with lots of personal and professional issues. I was depressed and unhappy.

My colleague who was also a good friend, gave me 3 pieces of advice, regarding my work.

1) Don't put yourself down.

2) Don't be scared.

3)Stand up for yourself.

Although I was not very happy with the advice, the way she said it had an impact and I slowly started using it in everything I did. Somehow without the fear and self deprecating attitude life seemed like a fresh flower, all my tasks were done more perfectly both at home and at work. Slowly the results were spectacular too.

There is not a single day I don't think of my friend or her advice.

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How good friends help
by: Anonymous

I am pleased that someone has come forward with good advice as so many people who contact positive personal growth have problems with self image and confidence.

It is a matter of getting some help when one faces situations that are overwhelming.

There are people out there who are only too happy to put other less confident people down. On the other hand there are family members and friends who can help.

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