Hopeless In L.A.

by Joey
(Mission Hills, CA)

I'm married in my early 40's and have two beautiful kids... I love them to death... my wife is another thing but that's not really why I feel so hopeless right now.

The problem has to do with money, with the economy the way it is I am so broke and sometimes feel I will never be able to achieve my dreams. It was all good until a few years ago, when the markets (real estate) crashed and my career as a real estate agent took a dive. I lost a lot of money and now find myself living in a 2 bedroom apartment that I could barely afford. Truth is I was not prepared for this market cycle and all my savings went towards paying the bills. I can't even find a decent job and am just working part time.

Like the heading says I live in the San Fernando Valley in L.A. and all my other siblings and parents live in Chicago. My wife does not have any family here either. Its very tough on us money wise and socially. We used to go to Chicago about twice a year to visit and haven't been there for the last 2 yrs.

I feel like I will never be able to buy a house now. I missed so many opportunities and should have bought a house in the 90's but I never did. I feel like I've drifted apart from the rest of my family and my kids are growing up and they're living out here with out their cousins... My kids are 11 and 6 so they're still kind of young but they're growing up quick.

I don't have any money to move to Chicago like I would like, where housing is super cheap right now...But even then I would still need some money to buy a house. Money that I don't have. I need some encouragement, I've lost faith. :( Feeling Hopeless.

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Hopeless in LA
by: Anonymous

Circumstances can change, most of us at some time go through periods of time when everything turns sour.
Look at what you have and think of all what you are good at doing. Take time out to sit and dream. It is easy to get bogged own and feel there is no way out. Sometimes when things go wrong, it is time to take another turn.
If you can do it, you can take the family out on an outing that is not going to cost too much. There is a lot you can do to make your lives a lot better. Best of luck

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