Hoovering a hula hoop!

by Cheryl

When my youngest son was 7 years old he came down with a horrendous earache. As is usual with children it manifested itself at the weekend when the Doctor's surgery is closed!!

The pain got so bad that he was screaming and we ended up taking him to the emergency room.

A doctor examined him and said he saw a foreign body in his ear but it was so far in he couldn't reach it. He said we must return the next morning to the Ear, Nose and Throat ward where they had appropriate equipment to deal with it.
We duly turned up first thing the next morning and the foreign body was extracted! A hula hoop. For those not in the UK a hula hoop is a round type of crisp!

The consultant who had rescued the hula hoop asked Jonny why he had put it in his ear. Jonny said " I didn't push it in there.......... my ear sucked it up!!!"

Well, the doctor was speechless and we all packed up laughing!


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Things children say!
by: Kay

This is very visual don't you think! The ear going down to suck up the milk! It makes me wonder where our imagination goes as we grow older. Thanks for sharing, it's really funny!

My son, Lee, stuck a plastic wheel in his ear, fortunately I saw it go in and the Dr could get it out with his long tweezers.

I can see I am going to love this part of the website! I can't wait to hear what the next visitor's got to say! I only hope I don't have long to wait! Thanks again Cheryl.

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