help me :(

by Anastasia
(england )

I feel really low in Self Confidence I live in a shared housing and there like 20 people who are always there and I hate to leave my flat because I feel that people are laughing at me.

I am unsettled, I can never sleep at night, also people think I'm rude because I don't like talking to them first. They will always have to talk to me otherwise i'll just ignore them wont even say hi. I've never felt like I could talk to anyone about this issue of mine. I just thought this feeling would just blow over but it hasn't and I'm feel really low and I need help thanks.

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Help me.
by: Anonymous

Look Anastasia, it is quite possible that these people may feel the same way as you do. Have you ever thought about that. They may be shy and nervous too.
Have you good friends outside that you can go out with or do you belong to any activities or groups. This is important for your well being to find someone with whom you feel comfortable.
I have been through this too, I did not really like nursing as I often felt out of place and it was difficult working with people who were critical and bullying.
Do you work or do you go out and do any sort of voluntary work. If you made some effort to help in any organisation, it might give you confidence to move on.

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