he keeps breaking my heart

by lee
(south africa)

I met this guy last year. He was all I'd dreamt of, trating me like I was the only gal in the world. Met his mother and she hated me for no reason, but he stood by me or so I thought he was.

4 months back I fell pregnant but miscarried very soon after after that and that's when he completely changed. I needed him to be supportive but he chose to stay away from me. I cried my heart out and eventually he came around and we worked things out. Well things never became the same again and they keep getting worse by the day.

He doesn't live far from where I stay but I haven't seen him in 3 weeks. Everytime we arrange to meet h switches off his phone or just ignores my calls.

Today he called saying I must come out he is by the gate, but it has been 3 hours now, when I went he was not there and when I called him he told me I must give him 15 minutes and the next thing he switched off his phone.

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He keeps breaking my heart
by: Anonymous

Is he worth it, ask yourself that. As Kay has said you are worth more than that.
There are other people out there for you and it is time for you to move on. He has lessons to learn as well, the next woman he gets in tow with him, might up and leave him in the lurch. What comes round goes round.

You have friends, spend your time with them instead and get out and about. You are also grieving for your lost baby. You may need counselling for that. He would never have been involved in the child's life but you will meet other people and make a new life for yourself. The next man you meet may be a permanent fixture, they always say there is always someone for everyone. Next time just take it slowly as it comes. If it is right for you it will be right.

Breaking heart
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting positive personal growth. I feel your boyfriend has let you down big time. It seems to me as though he no longer wants a relationship with you, and is not being very nice in the way he is letting you know.

I feel it is time for you to move on in your life. You are worth more than this. It is time for you to look for someone who appreciates you and treats you right.


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