have lost confidence in myself


I am in college and I feel super low in myself. I need help, my marks are going down a lot. I was at a 90% and now I'm at a 50%.

I feel like giving up. I have lost my interest in my studies. I feel that I have lost myself somewhere I don't know. Please help me bring interest in my studies.....

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Loss of confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting positive Personal Growth. The best advice I can give you is to let you know that the attitude you have about yourself is very important. At the moment your attitude is one of not being able to cope, and so this is what is happening in your life.

You have a poor attitude toward your studies, and so of course when you show disinterest you get a poor result. You are young, you have the world at your feet, with a change to a positive attitude, to one of "I love my studies" instead of showing no interest, you will find your marks should improve.

Positive thoughts bring positive results. Change your attitude and change those negative disinterested 'can't be bothered' messages you are sending yourself.

No one can give you interest in your studies but you. You are responsible for how you are and I know, because you say you reached a 90% mark in your studies, that you are a very capable young person. You just have to believe in yourself again, and know that with the right attitude you can succeed. Believe it and make it so!

I wish you a positive attitude towards life and great success.


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