Hate looking at my self

by Sarah

Ever since I've started middle school I can barely stand to see what look like there's never a day when I don't feel good enough. Or there's times were I feel good about the way I look. There's always one girl who ruins my whole day by looking pretty. And then I don't feel good enough. Each year through school this continues to bother me more and more.

All Ive ever wanted was too feel good about my self and accept my self as who I am.


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Hate looking at myself
by: Anonymous

A book is not judged by its cover, you have to read it to know what is in it.
No one is really ugly and it is personality that counts. If you are interested in people and you are a good listener and you have plenty of mutual interests with the people you mi with that goes a long way.
You can take time to find out what clothes, style and makeup suits you. Have a sympathetic friend who will give constructive advice and also find a hair style that looks right on you.
Beauty is sometimes only skin deep, even pretty people have to develop personality.

Hate looking at myself
by: Anonymous

You do not judge a book by its cover until you have read it. Personality and interest in other people matters and you should try and find other friends with similar interests. People who depend on their looks sometimes can be insipid when you get to know them.
Make list of all your talents and go from there, you might be very surprised but no one is devoid of charm and it would be a dull world if everyone was the same.
You can also try out what clothes and styles suit you and experiment with makeup for fun with a sympathetic friend to voice an opinion.

Hate looking at myself
by: Kay

How you are is the result of your own thoughts. Everything you do is the result of a thought. No one can choose them but you. When you aren't happy with how you are you hold the key to changing. No one can do this for you, only you.

How is this done? By changing the thoughts you have about yourself. Self talk is vital, it has to be positive, it has to be loving towards you. You can change if you make the effort. Stop today with all the negative thoughts you have, change them to positive and move forward with confidence into a new life of your choosing.

Good luck

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