Happiness Is A Choice

by Sagar Malik
(New Delhi, India)

Choice ...

What is a choice ?
A choice is something that is exclusively yours, nobody can force it upon you, and nobody can take it away from you.
But what I am here to talk about is not choice, I am here to talk about happiness,or should I say the correlation between the two.
You may have heard the phrase earlier, "Happiness is a choice". Though it may sound very simple, but it contains a very important life lesson deep down.
It invariably implies that happiness doesn't come from what you have , but from who you are (or who you choose to be).
Frankly Speaking, You can have so much and still not be happy , and at the same time you can have so less and still be so content , so fulfilled , so happy.
Simply put, Happiness and Possessions have no godamn relationship with each other.
Believe me or not, at any given point of time in your life, there's so much, so very much to be happy about, the only thing you need is to realise it.
You may not be able to crack that exam you had been preparing for more than a year, but still you have a mother who cooks you food with so much of love and butter ofcourse, you probably have no financial crisis, you have clothes to wear, access to water and electricity, you have two legs, two arms, two eyes, two ears, a mouth and just innumerably excessive number of things to be happy about, but then maybe you still choose to be unhappy, just because you couldn't crack a tiny little exam.
But the truth is plain simple, Life is way more than an exam, or for that matter any other thing you don't have or couldn't accomplish and the day you realise it, you'll understand what happiness really means.
So just stop saying that you'll be happy when you'll be able to buy that dream house or when you'll lose those 10 kgs .
What I am trying to explain is that you can be happy, mind it, you can be happy right away, right now, in this exact moment with all that you already have and have accomplished till now, because at the end, its just a CHOICE.
And Choice, as I said, is something that is completely yours. Nobody can force it upon you, and nobody can take it away from you.

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It really is that simple
by: Anonymous

I agree with Sagar Malik, that the joy in life comes from inside, you ARE the Author of your own story

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