Guilt from cheating on my husband


I'm a 30 yr old woman, married for 8 yrs. I had a short term affair with a guy I met on the net.

We had been physical too, but then, all of a sudden this guilt struck me that I was cheating on my husband.

It makes me feel so guilty, scared of the consequences. What if he comes to know about this relationship I had with this guy. I feel so ashamed and helpless about the situation.

I fear that the guy who I was seeing will one day tell my husband, which is not true. He's helping me to come out of this fear. He doesn't want to interfere. He says he will never harm me, but my mind doesn't trust him or myself now.

It seems as if everything is finished.

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The right way or the easy way
by: Anonymous

Should you confess to your husband that you committed adultery?
Absolutely, othwerwise your relationship to your husband is now based on a lie, without your confession the marriage isn't based on truth but falsehood. You must accept the consequences and by not confessing to your husband you aren't honoring him
I'm sorry to say it but your marriage will have to be (re)built on the right foundation, as for meeting the other man online you had no business talking to another man on the internet, adultery begins with emotional cheating
The good news is that God loves you and wants your marriage to work, he can heal your marriage and free you from the guilt, by having a relationship with Jesus Christ
He died on the cross so that you can receive forgiveness,cleansing and healing from your sins and gain eternal life through repentance and faith in him
May God bless you richly

Guilty feelings
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. I cannot tell you whether you should confess this affair to your husband, only you can make this decision.

Is something lacking in your marriage that caused you to start this affair, or was it just excitement at the thought of someone else wanting you? If there is a problem in your marriage you should take the opportunity of working through this with your husband.

You have realised that you have made a mistake, and now you have to decide whether you can put it behind you, say nothing, ever, and move on and show your husband how much you love and want to be with him.

I can't see that this other man would want to say anything to your husband, after all he is a big cause of the problem and would probably not want to have problems with your husband.

You say he is helping you get over your fears, I can only suggest that you cut all ties with him and have nothing whatsoever to do with him. I believe this contact is just causing you to continue on with these fears.

Nothing is finished unless you finish it. Can you put everything behind you, say nothing ever, and live with this decision?

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