gratitude the best medicine

by sundari b
(Mumbai India)

I once had a gland like bone growth on my heel. I felt very miserable. I am the sole bread winner and had around 10 dependents.

My friend Vidya who came from Madras gave out her story how her father had this bone growth and doctor had advised operation. Her father went to some orthopaedic and got it operated. But till today he is limping because it hurts when he walks. It was Ganpati festival that time. Already I was suffering for the last six months. I had prayed to Lalbagh Ganpati that I would come if my son had passed HSC. Now I had to go I am limping But I went and I did not understand which is the mannat line. I was standing seeing the crowd and trying to find out which is the mannat line because only who have taken vows can step on the stage where Ganpati idol was kept. I was just seeing when some celebrities came and the policeman who accompanied them called me also to climb on stage and see the God. Thus I finished my vow. But my leg was not getting healed.

I did not want to go to any doctor. He may ask me to undergo operation. I focussed all my attention on my legs and said in my mind "God Thanks for Healing me" I kept telling till I got my healing done and there was not even a scar left behind to say I had this.

Now I advise all patients to keep on saying THANKS FOR THE HEALING focus on their health problem area and feel that it is healed.

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gratitude is the best medicine
by: Anonymous

The power of the mind is great, you were determined to find healing. Unfortunately in this day and age, we perceive the mind and body as being different things, not connected.
It takes practice and perseverance to connect mind and body. We are not only physical beings we are also non material spirit beings as well living in a material body.

Being spirit we came from God, we return to Him when our time on this earth is done but we should never lost our connection regardless of race and belief.
You were truly blessed.

The Mind is unique
by: Anonymous

Its incredible what the mind can do. I went through a time when one thing after the other went wrong for me, and was becoming a bit negative. Then one day I read something on the subject of the positive mind and what its capable of.
I then went through day by day refusing to let any negative thoughts into my head. I imagined my head being a dusty room being full of negative thoughts, and then giving it a good sweep out, shutting the door on all the bad thoughts ,and then filling the room only with positive thoughts. And this started to work, your mind will be receptive to the thoughts you enter into it, I felt really alive and good. At this time I had to have a Hysterectomy, and all went well. When I went back for the internal later, the doctors were amazed at how quickly I had healed up. A determined positive mind can do amazing things.

by: Kay

Thank you for sharing. The power of prayer is amazing!

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