Good O'l Charlie

by Grant R. Lambert
(Whitesboro, NY USA)

I remember the desire from deep in my soul, to have something to love, to coddle, and to be responsible for; for it is the backbone of humanity.

I remember my request for feline companionship denied with regularity, youth being its own enemy at times.

I remember fate presenting a path which equipped itself with a multitude of positive arrows, euthanasia being unacceptable.

I remember the length of time dragging itself along, as I was transported to my desires' location, remembering that a watched pot never seems to boil.

I remember the smallest little ball of multicolored fluff, the way it moved as its lungs expanded and contracted.

I remember four paw-like extensions, with what seemed like plastic pieces protruding from them; always outstretched in playful motion.

I remember racking my brain to come up with the perfect name for my new found friend, and after considerable thought, dubbed him Charlie.

I remember the sound of moist pate` hitting two little lips and a tongue as it was practically inhaled anywhere from ten to fifteen times a day, always with the same fervor.

I remember the waste receptacle resembling one of my mothers pie tins with no more than a cup of litter in it, and the accuracy of by six inches at least.

I remember attempting to attach a collar and bell to the neck of my new playmate only to watch a back paw get stuck as it was violently attacking unfamiliar apparatus; freedom being the obvious goal.

I remember frequent trips to the veterinarian for general maintenance, lugging my crated patient in and out of the facility, and the sound exuding from it, all unrecognizable and unnecessary.

I remember noticing as the years past, the comfort ability between myself and my dear pet, both respecting each others' boundaries.

I remember watching Charlie curled up on the couch in a comatose state, popping a can of seafood something or other, and watching him take flight like a jumbo jet.

I remember the desecration of this years Easter lillies, starting with the leaves, and ending with dragging the bell flower across the carpet; and the yelp that followed my swatting his backside.

I remember, oh yes, I remember, as I fell asleep last evening, my dear friend and treasured pet cat Charlie, lying beside me as I drifted of to sleep.

And remembering how much I love him.

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