Setting Goals To Improve Your Personal Growth

Have you set goals in the past only to give up on them? Have you dreams of how you would like to be and yet never seem to be able to do anything to enable you to work towards the achievement you desire?

Once you decide what it is that you want to achieve you can start putting these plans into action. Below are goal setting tips that will help you to be successful. With a determined attitude and the will to succeed these can help your self development.

Tip #1

What are your goals?

The difference in your ability to fully tap your personal resources affects your goals.

People who have a clear specific set of ideas written down, with a plan for achieving them, succeed far more easily than those who do not. Also, the level of happiness and joy that you feel when you go after those goals makes the outcome much easier to attain.

Are you happy about your goals? If your aren't, take responsibility now and change them to goals that work for you spiritually, mentally, socially, emotionally, physically, and financially.

Once you've defined those goals to fit your parameters, those are the ones you will attain.

Tip #2

What do you really want?

One of the most important duties of your conscious mind is to tell your subconscious what you want - and then believe with all your heart that you have received what you have asked for.

You must shut the door of your conscious mind on every thought, or suggestion, of worry or fear of failure. You must exclaim "Cancel, cancel!" whenever you have a thought that even hints at worry or fear of failure. Get that thought out of there and replace it with a good thought. One that says to you that all is well, all is going to work out.

Once you learn how to do this, the sky is the limit.

Tip #3

How committed are you to a better life?

Being committed means - increasing your awareness so you have control of your emotions.

Being committed means - deciding how you're going to stay focused without losing sight of everything and everyone that is important to you.

Being committed means - creating and maintaining a vision of your dreams and goals.

Being committed means - developing a plan to accomplish what you desire.

Being committed means - KNOWING that you are going to take the risks necessary to move forward.

Being committed means - having a support group.

Being committed means - learning all the time.

Do you want a better life? are you ready to make a TOTAL commitment?

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