Girls make me feel really uncomfrotable and I dont like it when they check me out

So I basically have no self esteem self worth or confidence. I've tried lifting weights but nothing works. I'm seeing a counsellor and on medication but its taking too long to work.

I really hate my sister because she always rebukes me and insults me all the time. She's younger than me and I don't know what her problem is. All the girls I've ever liked have been really horrible to me ever since we were kids.

My mum is also really clingy and annoying. I developed depression and suicidal feelings because of a girl. I also have no friends.
What do I do? I'll be starting uni in September and I want to lose my virginity during freshers as I'm sick of being alone all the time and feeling worthless.
I just really hate women.

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girls make me feel uncomfortable
by: Anonymous

You are only young at this moment and your life still has to unfold. If you are getting into positive personal growth, I would advise you to read some of the other people's stories and know that you are not the only one with a problem. Most people go through periods of feeling inadequate and not feeling up to much. This will go when you go out in the world and find your feet.
Don't worry about girls at the moment, there is plenty of time, you must concentrate on your studies and find some pastimes, you will meet other women through that. As for losing your virginity, it is not something that is lightly undertaken, the feelings of the other person must be brought into account. No one likes to feel used in any way. Just play it by ear, the right people will come along to make up your life

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