getting promotion

I left university with a first class degree.

I work for a local web company. for about two years.
iI receive good comments on my work. My attitude is not always good though as I can have fiery temper.

My boss always comments on how good my work is. Sometimes says he will give me a pay rise if I work hard and to the rest of the company

My issue is he never gives a pay rise and I'm on 14 grand a year which is very low wage for a graphic designer .The average is 22 grand to 25 grand within West Yorkshire. I would be happy at 18 grand for now.

I send about 3 application a week for new roles. I'm not getting many replies back.

Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.

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getting promotion
by: Anonymous

Keep on trying but relax with it. A bit more time and experience and you will get there. You might need to develop yourself a bit further and to change your attitudes.
Most of us have to wait for what we want but keep on imagining that you have arrived at what you want.

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