Getting beat up

by Kenneth
(Durham, N.C )

I got into a fight and lost it really pains me to write this because I never have lost a fight. And now people know and they taunt me. And the worst part is someone confronted me today talking junk saying he was going to beat me up, and I was scared. And I beat him up before.

Please help me I'm so miserable and so scared when someone confronts me.

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Prepare yourself
by: Anonymous

Get ready. That's all you have to do. Be prepared. Take a serious look at yourself. Are you a strong, able bodied man or woman who is able to handle situation involving significantly larger opponents who may or may not be armed?

If you are unsure of your abilities, get some Fox Labs pepper spray to carry around. Check into your local concealed carry laws and consider a small revolver on your ankle. Think about the situation on a very high level. What's more important than protecting yourself from physical injury or death? Nothing.

You live in the United States of America. You can walk down any street, any neighborhood, any time of day. You are a free person. You cannot fear people who try to take that away from you, either by threat of physical violence or violence itself. Get ready, develop a means of personal protection, and be prepared to use it.

Follow the laws. They are there for a reason. You shouldn't feel like carrying a firearm or a means of personal defense is wrong. It isn't. If your state/city/neighborhood has ways to obtain a licence to legally hide and carry a gun, take advantage of it. You don't have to be a gun wielding gangster flashing it around town. You can be the quiet, alert observer who is ready in case something bad takes place.

Most importantly, don't look for trouble. But realize that it is often unavoidable because there are people who do. The confidence that comes with being prepared will often keep you protected itself.

by: Anonymous

Thanks you really helped me Kay

Helping friends
by: Anonymous

It happened on Friday night, I was at thee bonfire with my friends and these random drunk girls started to attack my friend and I didn't want to be involved (my other friends were helping my friend) I was getting out of there with my other friends and then I turned around an I didn't like what I saw so I went to help.

The girl was pulling my friends hair so I tried to break it up then the girl punched my other friend in the face so I tried to stop it! Then she grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the ground and dragged me along! The other one jumped on top of me and punched or kicked me in the mouth. To be honest I never knew she was on me until my friend told me. Two of my guy friends were trying to get them off, which they did.

The police came. I was so scared and shaken after it. The thing that I don't get is that there were tons of adults just watching us and they never helped :(

I'm fine no broken bones just a very sore head. I laugh and all but when I'm on my own I relive it. I hear my screaming and imagine being dragged across the ground :(

The girls have been arrested for assault but I feel so weak and stupid not being able to defend myself :(

Be the bigger person
by: Anonymous

Never back down. Stand up for yourself even if you think of yourself as a loser. If you don't want fight just tell 'em and there's nothing they can do but call you scary, but the best thing to do is to be the bigger and better person and walk away from the situation.

Beat up
by: Anonymous

I was walking home and I was attacked by 8 people, they kicked me in the head and face about 5 times each. Since then I dont want to go anywhere or do anything.

I am saving my money to get away from this town. I cant stand living in this town, this is the second time I have been beat up this year. How do I get over this?

by: Kay

Hi Kenneth

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.
Because you lost a fight does not mean that you have changed in strength, what it does mean is that you have changed your thoughts about yourself.

You are still as strong as you always have been, but now believe that because you lost the fight you are weaker. The way round this is to start believing in yourself again, for this belief has gone.

I am not certain why you are fighting, whether in the past you have confronted people purely to fight them, and if this is the case, I wonder whether you can perhaps now realize how the people you fight and win feel? They too will be going through the same feelings as you are now, and you know it's not a very nice feeling is it?

Sometimes its the braver person who chooses not to fight, and walks away. Walking away does not make a coward of you when you know you are strong, confident, and at ease within yourself.

When someone confronts you and says about you losing your fight, agree with them, laugh and say it didn't go too well did it. When you agree with someone it takes away their power, for how can they confront and be annoying to someone who is agreeing with them?

Realize that you are still the same person you were before you lost the fight. Believe in yourself again, and, because you now know how horrible it is to be confronted by someone who wants a fight just for the sake of hurting you, decide not to confront people, because you know you are strong, and you don't have to prove it to anyone.

I wish you good luck, and inner strength.


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