Getting a love back

by Elizabeth
(Winter Park, Florida, USA)

I am in love with this man. He broke it off as it wasn't it for him. He said I was everything he wanted in a woman and I him. That confused me. He calls me, as we are friends. But he says he has yet to find what he is looking for(he had found it and she left him)

I truly believe we were meant for one another. I don't call him much, but would like to. I am trying the affirmations hoping they will get us back to each other.

We are both 49 divorced. And I hurt that he is not with me as before. I am trying not to need him, so I wait for him to call me. What do I do? He is everything I want in a man.

Do I move on and forget him and tell him no to friendship or continue hoping for something more between us.

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getting love back
by: Kay

Hello Elizabeth,

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth.

I am sorry that this relationship has not worked out for you, and can see why you are feeling hurt and confused at the message this man is sending you.

He has been honest in saying the relationship is not what he wanted, but not truthful when he says you are everything he wants in a woman. How can this be true when he doesn't want to be with you?

You are still young Elizabeth, and are worth more than waiting in the hopes of him getting back with you.

Don't sit around waiting for him to contact you. Don't phone him, rather respect yourself, and start afresh without him.

Make the effort to maybe join a gym, or a club that will give you the opportunity to meet someone who will love you, want to be with you, and means it when he tells you that you are everything he wants in a woman.

Forget about affirmations in the hope of getting back together, start ones to bring a kind, loving, truthful man into your life.

Good luck Elizabeth.


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