Future security

by Gopal Saraf

I have a problem regarding my future. I was a good student in 2006 completed my b.com and was doing GNIIT course. For the last Semester I had to go to Delhi. When I went there I was unable to survive due to my home sick nature.

As a result I ruined my career and came back to my home town. After this I am totally broken. Nothing attracts me, my life is tasteless.
I'm doing a simple job, and am always tense about my future. My age is 26. I think I should not marry as this will double my tension in future.
Help me please.

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Limiting thoughts
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. One of the most important things in your life is the attitude you have towards yourself. You believe you have ruined your career and now nothing is going right for you, and so your life is not how you want it.

Whilst you make no effort to put things right, have no goal to aim for things will not improve. However if you can say that you are determined to make a better life for yourself and put in place goals to better yourself you will start to have hope again.

What do you want to do? There must be something that would make you happy. Why can't you pick up your career in the area where you live, or if not the same job, something in the same industry.

Everything that happens is the result of the thoughts and the attitude you have. No one can change things in your life but you. Decide what it is you want for your future and then, with a very positive attitude, stay true to this plan and live your life how you want.

Good luck,

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