by cherin

hello... Iam cherin and I am sad or maybe I am disappointed with people who I thought were important in my life. Here's the thing, I really don't care if people can't change to good or something even if I had many bad experiences I am not going change for anyone, am not going be a bad person because I am just not. If people are trying to bring me down I will fight. I will keep faith.

I have lost a friend we were 11 years friends and now she's getting married and I am suppose not to go. We had a big fight because she changed. She was a kind loving person now she's thinking as if am her enemy or something. I have been there for her in bad and good times but I never imagined the day we split and just forget all those years.

It's so hard to forget someone you care for someone who is considered to be a sister. Each day people face many issues in their lives but we all have the same pain, we all have the same sadness. I am just still shocked and can't believe that we are not going to talk again and for what, nothing. She just changed to a different person that I don't recognize anymore and I cant take it anymore.

Thank you for reading this but all I wanted to say is why do people change. I know the answer, but a friendship that has been for 11 years can end like this as if its nothing, I am just shocked and I hope that whoever had been in the same situation never changes because who you are is perfect and no one can tell you aren't good or you have to change. Always smile and never lose hope some day you will understand the meaning of life when you grow old

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Life changes
by: Anonymous

I understand what you are saying, you have known this girl for 11 years,and you say she has changed. Has she changed into a horrible person now,or have her priorities changed?
You are who you are,and I agree with you that you dont have to change for anybody.
People have always tried to change me,and I always relied on me! Good job i did, because its kept me on the straight and narrow. I have alot of common sense, and it beats lots of qualifications( no offence meant).
Just be the best person you can be, and maybe have a fresh look at who your best friend of 11 years has become. Things can never stay the same, and people often go down different roads. I hope you and your friend can sort things out

by: Anonymous

It is really sad when people fall out after many years of friendship there is such a thing as misunderstanding.
I was very upset some years ago when a friend who called on me, criticised my home and my housekeeping At the time I was busy trying to help a friend who was moving house and who had problems with her neighbours. I usually did spring cleaning around Christmas but this time had not got on to it I knew there were things which needed doing but had left it for the meanwhile. I was terribly upset and refused her offers of help. Had she been more tactful I might have accepted.

Since then I have lost some touch with her as she lives out on the coast and would never invite her here again.

Not everyone is tidy and organised and she did not really have any social life at all, all her energies went on her home. She was not very happy with her marriage as her husband tended to discourage her from any outside activities. She did not take any action and looking back now I think it could have been jealousy. If someone did this again, I would ask them to leave

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