Forget a lot and I'm tired?

I'm a senior in high school, and I didn't do anything other than work until this year. Now I'm a bit worried about college because I didn't have the experiences I should've. I was a loner, and this year I tried opening up, but then I drained all my confidence and now I'm stuck with being tired and busy and only a handful of friends and a few good friends. Loads of acquaintances. I want to change myself, but I want to stop being so tired. I'm also forgetful, and that's been a problem I've been coping with almost my entire life. It gets worse when I'm tired, and makes me seem foolish, even tho I'm not. Should I make myself go to bed at a certain time every single week night from now on?

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Forget a lot and I am tired
by: Anonymous

You need to take a break and get right away for some peace and quiet. You need time for evaluation and maybe reading some books on the subject or finding a good counsellor might help a lot. Everybody needs time out to rest and to have some fun and recreation.

You may not have many friends but value the ones you have and the people who really believe in you.
Once you have taken a break you may feel a lot better.

Forgetful and tired
by: Kay

You haven't said how many hours sleep you are getting a night. I would imagine to be healthy you should be having at least eight hours a night, if not longer. Are you eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, you may have an iron deficiency which is making you feel tired. A good healthy diet is essential.

I would recommend that you visit your doctor for a check up and explain how you are feeling, just to be on the safe side.

Good luck.


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