For the love of God..

by TFT
(Bob ville.)

Really? All of you complain about your children and how you don't love or are tied down to them. It may be true, but TEACH them to be better. Or try enjoying time with your kids. Go walk to the park, get some food. Sit down. Eat and enjoy it while they're there. Teach you and your kids some motivation, just go live your lives.

My parents have survived 5 kids, and being poor. We still rely on each other and the inexpensive places they took us is what I want to look back and think about their sacrifices and how proud I am of them. You don't need an education or a lot of money, be modest.

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For the love of God
by: Anonymous

People have got so used to instant gratification that they do not look for the basic simple things. Parenting is something that is going to have to be learned and so many people have not had positive parenting themselves and do not know how to relate to their children.
They simply do not know how to teach or to discipline or to set boundaries for the children and to instill good manners and consideration for other people if they have never known that from their own parents.
There are always good pastimes which do not cost money, children do not always need expensive toys etc and time spent with them showing them what is around in the world of nature, reading books etc. Libraries are inexpensive.

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