by Denise Aguilar

I want to be free and fly in the sky. Not letting any worries or fears take my wings away,

I want to be free as the clouds are in the sky.

Let it be this is my dream to be free and fly away no higher than the sky and laugh more than I ever have and to cry tears of joy.

Don't you think this is a dream that anyone else wants to see.

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by: Anonymous

This the dream of most of us, we would all like to be able to do this. Perhaps it is, if we go about it slowly and make our plans over a period of time. It takes courage to step out into the unknown but people have done it before, and will do it again.

There are people who go to other countries and travel through challenging environments, there are people who strive for their dreams even though life seems to be against them. There is a lot in belief, and visualisation.

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