Feel stupid, incompetent and worthless at work

by Fredrika

I'm a new lateral entry teacher. I've been a nurse for many years and now I'm teaching in a local high school. My self esteem is very low right now and I don't feel like I'm doing anything right. I want to teach and be good at it. I feel like I have a lot to share. I have an enormous heart. I'm just not smart enough to understand a lot of what I'm suppose to do exactly.

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Feel stupid, incompetent, worthless
by: Anonymous

More people feel like this than what you are aware of. It sometimes takes years to gain confidence and work things out. Some people mask their feelings by bullying other people to make themselves feel good.

I think you have to look back and work out what made you feel like this. it is often family and parents and teachers who have given you these feelings. You often hear people say that some one in their past told them that they would never amount to anything and they took it on board. If you can look at this and say to yourself, I do not have to accept any valuation of myself by someone else who does not really know me or prepared to give me some encouragement, I will find someone who will say to me, of course you can do it, you have the potentials to do anything you want to, just keep on working on it.

Counselling from the right person does help.
Looking back it was my lack of confidence and also no socialisation at an early age which hampered me at all times. You may have limitations but then have abilities in other ways.

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