Feel hopeless and demotivated

I have been out of work for almost a year.. I am overwhelmed with debt, nothing is going right for me.. I feel so miserable and demotivated to apply for work since I completed a course in college In HR so I can build my career in this field.

My life is going nowhere for me at the moment I feel hopeless and don't see the purpose of life.. I have not been able to sleep at night and end up sleeping throughout the day which is causing problems with social and family life..

What can I do to make my life better..

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hopeless and demotivated.
by: Anonymous

Look around you, you are not the only person going through this, there are thousands of other people, doing that and being there.
If you can find some counselling or someone sympathetic to talk this over with, do it.

Your life has not come to a bad end, you are just going through what a lot of people have been through and one day it will clear and you will see your way forward. It is easy to lose confidence and think I am never going to amount to anything.
Just try taking one step at a time, even if you go and do some sort of voluntary work, doing something constructive may make you feel a lot better. When you have taken one step, then take the next, it is easy to panic and when you do, you end up in confusion. Just stop when that happens, take a breath and then carry on.

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