Fearful Thoughts

by Farris

My 5 year old sister has a huge fear of tornadoes she thinks about it too much how do I get her to stop.

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by: Plethorix

Hypnotherapy would be perfect for this. Phobias are fears that the subconscious mind usually holds onto from some past event. Often, the conscious mind does not agree with these fears, hence the term "irrational fear".

Through hypnosis, one can send commands to the subconscious that will allow it to be freed from the phobia. This can be done in a variety of ways such as first putting the subject into a trance, then commanding - or using embedded NLP commands.

My first successful bout with hypnosis was when I freed my little brother of his fear of death (he would voice ridiculous fears of death from appendix rupturing to stomach exploding), which was a nightly ordeal. I just opened a bunch of loops and inserted the command and time distorted. But I digress, this isn't about me.

Check it out, try it out, and it should work. There should he plenty of local hypnotherapists (there are 8 in my small area).

Good luck.

by: farris

thank you so much all of you are a huge help

fearful thoughts
by: peter brennan

the problem with most people who worry is they have a low tolerance for uncertainty

one possible answer would be to let the anxiety
rise and then let it it go down again as it will


Fearful thoughts
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The problem with irrational thoughts is that once they take hold in the mind they are difficult to get rid of. Has your sister seen or heard about tornadoes on the TV, or has someone been speaking about them in front of her?

A five year old has a very impressionable mind. Can you or your mother sit and have a one and one conversation with her and let he explain to you exactly why she has this fear and where it came from. Let her explain her thoughts and listen carefully to what she believes.

Don't tell her that her thoughts are silly, or she is silly for having them. These are genuine thoughts and she has a big fear. Let her know you understand how she feels and that she is very scared, but that she will always be safe with her family because they love her very much and will take care of her, no matter what happens.

Whenever she brings up the subject again, let her know she is loved and safe where she is, that she will not come to harm, and gently try to change the subject to something she enjoys.

Of course if this fear becomes a huge problem in the future your sister may need counseling, but if you can at this point reassure her that she is safe, this may help put her mind at ease. She needs to feel secure.

Don't mention the problem in front of her, or let her hear you say to someone how much she fears them, because this just re-enforces the fear she has.

I hope I have helped in some way.

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