Fear to stay alone at home once loved one passed away

by Rina

I have lost my aunt, uncle 7 years ago in a traffic accident since that day I'm having fear to stay alone at home. Recently their only son also passed away and I'm having the same fear because stayed with them almost 12 years. How I feel depresses me as well because feel fear after my loved one passed away. I feel very ashamed on myself because of this fear and also hate myself for being so stupid

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Fear of staying at home after loved ones passed away
by: Anonymous

You have suffered the sad loss of people you were close to and they were your family. They would not want you to go on grieving and sometime you must go out and get on with life.
You may need the help of a counsellor or someone connected with your religion.
People come and people go throughout life. Some are there for years, others just for a short time. All of them are able to give you some companionship and company, some long term others for just a very short time. When someone leaves other people will come in their place.
There are sure to be other members of your family who will be there for you, or you may meet another person who has been as lonely and bereft as you and be able to give them some comfort

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