Fear of driving on highways

I haven't flown since the tragic 9/11 incident. Now I'm afraid of driving in the highways full of speeders, drunk drivers and huge trucks. I also don't like to drive at night, when it's raining and of course, when it's snowing.

This is causing me possibly to lose a fantastic part time job that would possibly turn full time. I just don't know what to do.

Can someone help me?

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The Fear
by: Anonymous

I also had problems with driving. When I was taking driving lessons, I was so nervous. On my second test, I actually lost my hearing through nerves. I eventually past my test, but was still a nervous driver. Then I realised it was all down to fear. Get rid of the fear that takes over your life in so many ways, as Kay says, fear is only a thought.
I became quite confident after that. I have in my car, a lucky fish, and on the days that I am not so sure, I touch it to keep me safe, and it works every time!

Fear of Driving
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. The mind is very powerful and believes the thoughts that you repeatedly think to yourself.

When you think of going out in your vehicle, and then go over in your mind the reasons of why you don't want to, you re-enforce this fear into your sub-conscious mind.

Can you change those negative thoughts away from all the things that may happen into positive thoughts about what a good driver you are and that you will be safe when out on the roads. Get an "I can do this" attitude.

I like to ask for protection around my car and me before driving, and this in itself gives the feeling of going to be kept safe. Why not give this a go?

Your thoughts make your reality and once you become aware of this, you should be able to help yourself immensely in all areas of your life by making your thoughts positive

Debbie has given you good advice from her personal knowledge of fear of driving that you might be able to use to help you. (Thank you Debbie!). As Debbie has said, please keep us posted.


Compassion for "Fear of Driving"
by: Debbie

Hello! I had some of the same fears. I was working with a therapist who taught me some very effective breathing techniques to ease my anxiety in the moment...driving was different than flying...if it is really affecting your life, I really suggest therapy because there may some underlying cause of the anxiety that needs some support and love!! Good luck to you...keep us posted!

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