Family dramas

by Elizabeth

Yes we all strike them, I do not think there is anyone whose family goes along placidly. Many family upheavals and conflicts tie in well with the soaps that we often watch on T.V. If one wants drama all one has to do, is to watch family members infighting. The kids going off the rails, people losing jobs, becoming bankrupt and not knowing where to turn, relationships splitting up, with the problems of fighting over property and access to the children.

When someone from outside has broken up the relationship, matters even get interesting.
There are quarrels over property when someone dies, one family member may borrow money and not pay it back.

If it is not one's family, it is relations or the neighbours. Family violence and inadequate parenting add to the mix. When one looks back, there is wonder that the children had survived a tempestuous marriage.

Years later and it is sad when a family member passes on, there are regrets that the person was not understood, helped, or an effect made to have a reconciliation.

It may sound all amusing at the time but when push comes to shove, so much valuable time has been wasted and lives of all family members affected as a result.

When one is born into a family, it is like being wrecked on an island and having to stay there for some years, it is making the best of a bad job when you have family members who are difficult and quarrelsome with jealousy and oneupmanship playing a part. On the other hand there are people whom you love very dearly and who play a major part in your life as an upsize.

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Dismayed by Family
by: Anonymous

I sometimes think I must have been adopted. I used to think family was very important. Not any more. The only girl in a family of three boys, I was the dogsbody in ours.
My Mum was disabled but loved her boys. I was bullied, ignored, unless I was useful for something. I would have done anything for their approval. I am in my sixties now. The one brother who was genuinely nice died four years ago, so now I have no interest in it any more. It's sad. All the rest are in this little 'clique' and I am not included. I'm not important enough. Lol.

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