false accusation

by Judith
(Toronto,On. Canada)

I am the oldest sister of 5 children.one brother. The middle child, my sister,6 years younger, in a conversation 2 months ago, accused me of always having hated her. I was shocked beyond words. I told her that she was absolutely wrong, that I had had many normal feelings towards her but had NEVER hated her. She persisted and finally said that my husband had told her this at our daughter's wedding 16 years ago. we are both in our 60s I know he didn't and he said he didn't. I don't hate her. I have noticed that when we talk in the evening she sounds like she's been drinking so I figured that this is what was going on and she would forget this the next day. I very politely said that I did not want to continue this conversation and said good-bye. Apparently she did not forget and told my youngest sister who believed her. I am very stressed about this accusation because we have had our differences over the years and I had confessed that there were times I was jealous or angry with her.

She has always felt I was the favourite and has competed with me for our mother's attention and constantly seeking approval. my father died at 40 and left my mother to raise 5 kids!
Last year our mother died at the age of 92 and I really thought that we could finally put the past in the past.

I will be seeing her in a month for a family gathering and don't know quite how to handle this. Do I act like nothing happened or do I say something. My husband is upset of being accused of something he NEVER said. How do I handle this? I want to clear the air.

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