Effects of environment on a child's behaviour and future

by The Persecuted Kid
(The Country of Idol Worshippers - India)

A child's life much more than inner strength is influenced by the kind of environment he gets in his childhood and teen life and few years more.

I am 19 now, I live in a country where there are only 2.5% Christians.

Few are not worth living in this world and fewer are the one’s whom world doesn’t deserve. Clone it either way both way it's synonym for losers.
Losing isn’t felt in a period of months or couple of years it caters to decades, may be one or more. The good loser is the one who doesn’t have a man to care for him. But the better loser rather the best is the one who loses and every man on the earth is cold to him, ignorant and least bothered but prefer more to act like a critic in whatever the loser does.

My words are sickening but that’s the truth and only the best loser understands it. It is disheartening that when you want to hide your loss people act like beast to know the most hidden secrets of yours and when you likely dreadly desire to share your feelings no one canstand to hear a word.

Life’s bitter not for the one’s who make wrong decisions and face failure its truly bitter when its not you who decides but its you who face the pathetic results. What ever they say its more bitter when you yourself see the fact that you were good rather better and the ones worse get to see better life and opportunities.

Well I have had my bitter days and yet bearing, but a great thing to tell is that many get used to such treatment and I on the contrary still walk down the memory lane to find whose fault was it anyway, was it me for the way I acted to the situations or was it god or my so called father. Be it anyone, well you know many a times I feel when I hear stories of such persons having a life like me but yet countering all obstacles and getting through the bad times towards the relishing period of their life at this point of time I feel they lie, these stories are false as I don’t see anything like this happening with me.

I don’t blame one person but everyone I have ever seen and met, catagorise me with people like Oliver Twist. We both are optimists and so we face a bad life but the truth is even Oliver Twist hadn’t faced the life I am facing.

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