Don't want to waste my life :-(

Unfortunately, I'm still under 25 (I'm to be 22 in few weeks) but I can see my life fading away if I don't act fast. I would often hear my dad tell me I'm lazy but I was in denial. I was a great athlete and good student since middle school until junior year in high school. In junior year of HS I was introduced to pornography and I turned to it whenever I felt sad or unhappy. It took a lot of my time and focus I became weak to more often to play or be as good as I was before on the field. And sadly as I got into college, my grades reflected that. I liked soccer with a passion and I'm moderately good at it, but I have doubts if I could go pro since I'm 21 going on 22 and teams usually recruit young players.

I should be motivated by my family and the circumstances of my family members to do something better and be successful but even as I try, it gets harder. I currently have a 2.38 gpa overall and that is not enough to get into Physical Therapy. I'm reading and listening to anything to get me motivated and I hope I can get to where I need to be. There's no way for me to fail because I'm the first son of two children which means my family look up to me and that's the only reason I keep pushing hoping to be successful against all odds.

None of you are alone. We're in a world where the strong gets going and the ones with weaknesses are labelled and ridiculed. I want to ultimately help people as a Physical therapist assistant or Physical Therapist. I have one last chance to take anatomy and I'm trying to get my mind in the right place to focus and read to get an A and nothing less. I need an A for A&P I and A&P II. My one source of distraction are women and pornography which ultimately leaves me lazy and unproductive in what I should be doing. I'm hoping for the best as I hope for you.


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don't want to waste my life
by: Anonymous

It is hard to do, but one does not have to take the opinions of other people to heart and some of the worst putter downs are your own family. There is always pressure from parents and a bit of sibling jealousy and rivalry from your brothers and sisters.
People outside your own family take you at face value as they are not so closely connected with you and not living with you.
Work on that which is important to you and let go that which is negative. There is no reason why you cannot work on the subjects to get you into the courses you want to do.

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