Don't have any motivation

by Anonymous

Two years ago my twin died of leukemia. I'm 17 now and I don't have any motivation in my life I go to church twice a week or as often as I can I try to find motivation in myself and in The Lord and in myself but I can't. I think I am depressed. I am not sucidial or close to it I just want to be happier in my life and spread that happiness to others but I have to start with myself.

On Christmas my mom said she wanted to take all the medicine we had from when my sister was sick and kill herself. I don't know how to even begin to handle that I have a pretty good level of self confidence but I don't have the motivation I know if I try I could do great things but then I have the fear of what if I can't. What if I fail. My conscience is eating me alive and I do not know how to fix my mind. I want to go and help people and change the world for the better I love seeing smiles and laughter all around. I love taking peoples worries and letting them just be a bad dream to all involved. I just need some good work ethic and motivation to get me there . Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Don't have any motivtation
by: Anonymous

It is very hard when you lose someone who was very close to you, especially a twin.
There are people out there who know what it is like and they have been through the same struggle to come to terms with the loss. One of these people may be there to help and to talk to you.
You were born to have a purpose in life and it is up to you, to do what your twin would have had in mind before they became ill. They would have had dreams and hopes, these you may be able to bring to fruition. They would have had friends with other people who may also miss them badly. Somewhere in front of you may be light and one day you will feel a lot better and be able to move on with fresh inspiration to others that are close to you.

No motivation
by: Kay

I am truly sorry to read of the loss of your twin, what a dreadful thing to happen.

You have to dig deep inside to bring out that determination you know is tucked away inside you. Don't be afraid to try things for fear of failing. How can you know you will fail when you don't even try? Nothing dreadful will happen if you fail, in fact you will probably feel good about yourself because you tried. I believe there is success in failing, and of course the success is in the fact that you tried. If you fail at the first attempt try again, and again if necessary!

What is going to help you now are the thoughts that you have. These make your reality, and so when they are negtive this is how you become, but when you are positive you will attract positivity into you life. Your attitude is vital and it's important to make sure its a happy positive one. What you focus on is how you will become.

Seeing and hearing you being positive must surely help your mother. I am sure your twin would want you to carry on and be the best you can be.

You sound a lovely caring person, don't lose this ability to spread happiness. The world needs people like you in their life.

The motivation has to come from within, set yourself a goal for the future, something you really want to do, then make plans to achieve this within the time you have set. Make it something with your reach that you know if you make the effort you will achieve.

Each evening before you go to sleep write out a to do list of what you will do the next day, then cross them off the list each time you do one. If you fail to finish something carry it on to the next day. Initially make it only one or two things until you get used to the idea and motivated because you can see that you are winning!

Do you need to talk to someone to help you with grieving, or with your lack of motivation? You have had a huge trauma in your life that you are working through it may help to talk with someone who is not a family member. Think about it if you haven't already done this. It's not easy to open up and explain your fears and feelings, but I feel it would benefit you greatly.

I wish you luck, happiness, determination and a positive future.


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