Do you really need people who make you feel bad!

by Elizabeth.

No one needs people who make you feel bad, it happens they tend to be the people that you most want to make you feel good and acceptable.

Bear it in mind that certain persons like to put other people down to make themselves feel superior.

They are not happy until they have decimated you and created a feeling of worthlessness within you and doubt that you are ever going to make it.
If you are in the position to walk away, do it and leave them behind. They are poisonous and pollute the atmosphere around them as well as other people who associate quite happily with them.

There are other people out there who are more compatible and will greet you for what they see you as and make you welcome in the groups that they belong to.

Groups of people form an energy field around them which changes when other people come into it. Everyone knows what can happen when another person or persons comes into that group and their feelings and actions cause disharmony into what once was a perfectly harmonious situation.
Unfortunately even family groups are affected by relatives who are not happy unless they are causing some sort of friction or they are using other members of the family to fire the bullets that they have created. It is so easy to do. Just too easy, you have to be up with the play to put an end to their little games.

When going on holiday it is sometimes better to go on one's own rather than in a group of uneven numbers as there is a tendency in a group of three, for two to gang up on one person, and spoil their holiday.


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I was the stronger one, I discovered
by: Anonymous

I have read so many stories like this. I am a non schemer, a person who just wants to get on with my life and get on with other people. I really dont understand people who would deliberately set out to make someone's life a misery. These people must be very unhappy people.

Two years ago I walked away from a brother who tried to destroy my life. From birth he did not want me there. My mother. Who had just got over contracting Polio, had three young children to take care of. My older brother demanded all her attention,and I know now that he had to be the centre of attention, at ANY cost.

I am in my sixties now, and he has not changed. I now know he has a personality disorder, and feel pity for him. I am happier than I have felt in all my life now.

fresh air
by: Anonymous

Thank you. Common sense and a breath of fresh air....

Someone Made Me Feel Bad Today
by: Anonymous

When ever this person experiences a problem they blame me. If they had a bad day they say hurtful things to me. When I do something positive they say something negative to make me feel bad. They are not the only one their mother does it too. When I pray they attack harder. I can't stand it at all. I wish they would have more control and be positive but they are full of negativity. If this person is miserable everyone around them will be too!

Thank you
by: Anonymous

Thank you, what you wrote really helps me in my situation and I really think you should keep on writing about these kinds of things because I find you're really good at it and when ever someone in my family makes me feel bad I will not put up with it, I will do what you told me walk away! Thank you very much.

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