disappointed in my family

by stephanie

I feel no matter what I do or say it does not matter.

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Disappointed in your family
by: Anonymous

You are born with your family but you can choose your friends. People may be your flesh and blood but it does not mean that you have anything in common with them. Sometimes you feel that you have to put up with them.

You may find you have much more in common with your friends and associates and they are more likely to take you at face value and see you for who you are.

Families can be dysfunctional, all sort of strife and jealousy often arises. Parents may find that they have nothing in common with their children, children may have battles with parents.

People do often choose the wrong marriage or relationship partners and live to regret it. The children suffer from the difficult relations between their parents or they may never know where they are with them.

Be thankful for the good friends and other family who are there for you and cultivate them.

by: Kay

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Each of us is responsible for our own lives. Unfortunately as much as you might like to change how your family is living their lives it really is nothing to do with you. In the same way that you are entitled to live the life you choose, so are they.

Make certain you are living your life in they way that makes you happy, and is not in accordance with how someone else says you should, because no one knows what is right for you other than you, and so it is with your family.

Don't be disappointed in them when they are living the lives they choose and aren't interested in living in the way you want them to. Accept that they are entitled to do this, each has free will.

Make sure you are happy.


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