Difficulty getting organized

I'm a newspaper writer who dreams about writing a book. My problem is that I have trouble organizing my thoughts. I am all over the place, and scattered. I have three different ideas in my head for books.

Writing a newspaper column is no problem, but building momentum on my book is daunting.

I am also afraid of failure-- that my writing efforts will not amount to much. If I had a publishing deal in hand, I wouldn't have any problem getting motivated.

Any ideas for organizing my thoughts, and getting into stride with my book project?

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Organizing Thoughts
by: Kay

Can you choose which of your book ideas you want to work on and then concentrate solely on that one? Put the other two books out of your mind. This in itself should help. Make a to-do list and work through one task at a time.

Fear is just a thought, you can choose to believe "I am afraid of failure," or you can believe "I am a success." I realize that sounds too easy, but your thoughts make your reality.

Your thoughts are holding you back.

To control your fear, you will have to step outside your comfort zone. How do you know you will fail if you don't even try? What is the worst thing that can happen you fail? You will have gained knowledge, and experience from which you can learn to do better next time!

I hope other visitors will share their story and tell us how they coped with this problem. Thanks for asking. Stay positive.

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