I'm a 19 yr old girl with recurrent episodes of crying mainly during night or when I'm alone. Sometimes even a small sad thing makes me cry, and sometimes I cry for no reason at all, mostly due to being away from home even when its perfectly clear that there is no other option than staying away from my home.

I'm perfectly OK with the one I love, but I'm sad because of this thing. I have very low self confidence. I used to study but not now. I want to be away from this life and just sit and read novels or paint and draw. I don't socialize with people. Very bad communicator. I have just one friend and a lover in college.

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Low self confidence
by: Kay

Thank you for contacting Positive Personal Growth. Life is about the choices you make, sad feelings are a choice, just as happiness is a choice. These are feelings that we have inside us and we choose our feelings. When you dwell on your sad feelings they grow out of proportion and become the way you are. It should be possible then for you to start with happy thoughts and make them how you are.

You say you used to study but not now, why did you choose to stop? If it was because you didn't enjoy the subject, then study something you love, art, writing, something that will bring joy into your life. Sitting wishing for things and yet not making the effort to get them won't help you at all.

Find something you love to do and do it. Choose your happiness take control of your life, empower yourself with positive thoughts. You can change your life, but you must make the change, no one can do it for you. Choose to be happy, make it work for you!


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