Depression anxiety sleep disturbance

by Saima
(Pakistan Karachi)

I have been diagnosed with depression in 1996 and I have had 4-5 episodes. The last one was in 2007 November and I have still not recovered.

I am on leave currently, I am working as a manager in one of the health institutions. I support my family financially, and it is becoming very difficult that after every three to four years I get this episode. I have one son.

My past went very bad with all the difficulties. I used to be very sensitive and suffered with sibling rivals during my childhood. I am currently on antidepressants I need to be out of this depression forever.

Two weeks back I felt very good and I told my employer that now I am better and I am joining the work but again I got the same problem. My employer is also concerned about my health and they are not very helpful now.

I don't know what should I do.

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Change the thoughts you have
by: Kay

Hello Saima.

Thank you for taking the time to write to Positive Personal Growth. I imagine the problems that you have all stem from your childhood. For this reason I feel you are going to have to work very hard to help yourself.

It's not easy to become positive when over the years you have been hurt by words or actions of those people in your childhood, or as you were growing.

But if you can change your attitude, and the attitude you have of yourself, this will definitely benefit you. Things that hurt you are now deep rooted inside, and you are choosing to let them affect you in your day to day life. You can choose not to believe them, and I know that it might not make sense to you that you choose to feel this way, but it is the way you allow your thoughts to be.

So what can you do about this? Well what you have to try to do is change your thoughts! Decide that you are not the person they said you were, and you no longer choose to accept anything negative in your life. Get rid of all the negative thoughts you have about yourself. Replace them with strong positive thoughts.

Words such as "I am healthy and strong, or, I am good at what I do, or, I am a worthwhile person, or, Everyday in every way I am getting better and better." Say them as though you really mean them, repeat them often to yourself.

One that I really like, and it is so short and simple is "I can do this." You may be surprised when you say it with conviction the feeling of power that comes with it. Why not try now, and feel the energy that the words will generate.

Make a point of not listening to any negative information or thoughts. Instantly change these thoughts to positive words.

Wipe out the negativity in your life, don't allow them to take up residence inside your mind. Become the worthwhile unique individual you are.

Learn to love yourself, and when you do you will find the trust and confidence will be there.

Good luck with your future. Stay determined to change, you can do it.

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